Ghostwriters do housework correction

The housework is ready for donation. But there is one more problem: the error devil has crept in. Why is it so important to deliver errorfree work? Although spelling errors at the university are no longer penalized with fault points, but also with chores there is something like the first impression. And also good and bad impressions have unfortunately an effect on the note. After all, even professors are only human and consequently influenced by their emotions.

So how can you fix the mistakes in the text? You can not correct your own housework, because most authors do not see your own spelling mistakes. This is often because you are deeply trapped in your own thinking processes. It is recommended to leave the work only a few weeks before you even lend a hand. But not everyone can afford that. Finally, there is a deadline.

Especially for these cases, there are correctors. In our agency you are guaranteed to find the best proofreader for your project. You will see how easy it is to have the housework corrected.

Correction Homework: How to Find a Good Corrector?

A good corrector for academic homework or other academic texts should of course also have an academic background. How else should he recognize the correct spelling for technical terms. Of course, that gives the Duden, but still it is better if the proofreader has read the technical terms before.

Of course, grammatical errors must also be recognized for longer or more complicated typesetting. Although it is not recommended to write like Immanuel Kant, academic texts are nevertheless demanding. This upscale language needs to be understood.

Too cheap reviewers should be warned at this point. On the one hand, these correctors overlook mistakes. They are not so careful. On the other hand, a bad reviewer could easily cost more money than expected. After all, if an upscale text has been written and the proofreader has to look up every rare word in the dictionary, more time will soon be spent on the correction than expected.

In general, a corrector is paid per word or per standard page. A payment per hour is absolutely uncommon and such an offer should always be viewed with skepticism.

The prices for proofreading housework

A standard page has 30 lines with 60 characters. That makes a total of 1800 characters or 250 words. At least it’s about 250 words. After all, different words have different lengths. You can not exactly calculate the corrector’s price per word, but as a rule, all proofreaders stick to the 250 words. So it’s a good idea to divide the price for a page by 250 to get the price per word.

The price of the proofreader depends on how long the text to be corrected is. But that’s not all. Also, the experience of the proofer is, as mentioned above, a factor that determines the price. The complexity of the text can influence the price. A text from a second semester, which makes his bachelor’s degree, costs less than the text of a doctoral student. Both texts are far apart when it comes to complexity.

Once again, the price depends on:

  • the length of the text
  • the experience of the proofreader
  • and the complexity of the text

Correction in other languages

A proofreader who corrects texts in other languages is harder to find and therefore more expensive. If you want to correct English chores, then you also need a corrector who speaks perfect English. He must master not only the spelling but also the grammar. Of course, this also applies to all other languages in which the housework is written.

A homework English correction can be done by our editors without any problems. You get a competent proofreader who does not overlook any mistakes. The English housework correction should not be taken lightly by you. After all, you are not a native English speaker.

If you are now interested in having your paperwork corrected by a professional proofreader, then call us. We are there from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.